Bazaar Magazine Kuwait: an OFW’s review

Bazaar Magazine Kuwait logo

As a blogger and Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait, I keep a busy schedule without even trying to and do not have enough time to go personally and check the latest trends in personal care, fashion, dining and recreation among others.  Expatriates here in Kuwait will surely find it of interest.

Digitally browsing through the pages of Bazaar Magazine online gives me the overview of what to expect when I get a copy of it. The advertisements I think have been carefully chosen and presented to be able to cater to people of all ages.

There also seem to be features that help stimulate both a person’s mind and soul. I hope to see in the future issues of your magazine, more pages for people of any nationality who have carved their own names in the Kuwaiti society as a whole. I also believe that giving chances to budding writers sharing their work is not a bad idea at all.

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