Blood Donation: Recognizing and Reciprocating

Blood donors at Kuwait Central Blood Bank during the recent blood bank campaign.

The Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait, in cooperation with Club 25 Kuwait and Kuwait Blood Bank, held a Blood Donation Camp last November 16, 2012, Friday, from 1 to 10 pm at Kuwait Central Blood Bank.

All Filipinos living in Kuwait, aged 17 years old and above, those who are not undergoing any medication for any illness,  and have not undergone any major surgery for the past one (1) year, have been invited and encouraged to join us in this generous drive.

On that day, donors came to participate wholeheartedly and with good intentions while others supported the drive-through in-kind donations.

My sincere gratitude goes out to first and foremost, our Heavenly Father for His Divine Guidance, LBC, Club 25, Kuwait Blood Bank for the giveaways, mugs, notepads, shirts, certificates, and manpower. Mr. Amer of Pakistans in Kuwait Blood Donor Group, Expats in Kuwait, PANIK, Friends in Kuwait group, UAExchange, and Nadec. To all those whom I failed to mention, thank you very much as well.

This is the Filipinos’ way of showing our heartfelt gratitude towards Kuwaiti nationals with whom we have harmoniously lived for several decades now and to the State of Kuwait in general, our home away from home.

Sponsors of the recent November 16, 2012 blood donation campaign in Kuwait.
Thank you to UAExchange for their in kind support.
Thank you Nadec for the in kind support.






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4 thoughts on “Blood Donation: Recognizing and Reciprocating

  1. Avatar
    RonLeyba says:

    Great to see you guys really pushing the blood donation campaign. For sure more and more volunteer and sponsors will support this organized event of yours.

  2. Avatar
    Kris Edison says:

    Honestly, I am too coward of seeing my own blod that’s why I can’t donate. But there are things that I can do too. Kudos to those braves and good-hearted people.

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