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Hello I’m Roy Zamora Paran born and raised in Lupon, Davao Oriental island of Mindanao, currently living in England. I am single and still looking for my special someone.

Name: Field of Dreams
Url Address: abdulhakeem.com

Philosophy in life: 
It is natural for a man to work in order to live

Tell us something random about yourself. 
I’m a blogger. I love to write, travel and outdoor activities; a well-rounded man, with complete perspective in life. I’m one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. I love music, laughter and deep conversations. I love people. I love talking, listening and helping people


1. How, When and Why did you get into blogging industry? 
It was 2008 when my sister introduced to me the word blog. At first, I don’t have idea about blogging until I found out that she’s earning thru blogging. And that keeps me blogging until now.

2. How you came up with the name for it? 
I didn’t have a permanent job that time, and I was always thinking of my dream to become a successful businessman someday. I wanted to write/blog my field of dreams becoming either a success or a failure.

3. How long have you been here and what made you want to start? 
I started from making personal travel blogs and other interesting things that I found were fun, 4 years ago.

4. Do you blog for a job full time? What else do you do aside from blogging? 
I wish to become a full time blogger and I am focusing on how to earn a living to start with.

5. Did you choose to start blogging directly about your chosen niche or because you just saw a good way to make money from blogging? 
Honestly, I chose to make money and second is my niche. But recently I found that I am having some fun while entertaining my readers. So, I made my first fun blog and I am happy to share my earnings in blogging through contests.

6. How much time a do you spend on work related to your blog(s) each week? 
Now that I pick more shifts from work, I could only share a post once a week on my blog.

7. What do you find to be your biggest struggle as a blogger? 
I’m really struggling on my time. I want to save money while working so sad to say, I can’t make more posts as of yet.

8. How did you get to where you are now with your blog(s)? To what do you attribute your success? And what is the next goal you hope to achieve? 
I consider family as my inspiration in blogging. Most of us live apart from each other; one sister and I are here in England, 2 sisters in Riyadh, 1 in Hawaii and the rest of the family is in Davao. They have their own blogs too, so we are able to exchange topics about life overseas.

9. Where do you see your blog(s) and yourself in 5 years? 
I am hopeful to see my future blog as a successful one in 5 years with good traffic and has a residual income.

10. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting traffic. What tips can you give bloggers to drive traffic to a new blog? 
Starting from scratch, I gained traffic through constant blogging about some interesting niche.

11. What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start blogging and help them start out on a path to success? 
Find a new and interesting topic and have a personality in blogging. Always make a post everyday if possible. Make friends with bloggers and don’t hesitate to ask questions because they too started from scratch and learned from other bloggers too.

12. Describe your blog in 10 words 
My recent move to UK and how it all translates.



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