The Advocacy Media Awards Speech

"Thank you to all the Filipino communities in Kuwait and to all readers of"
“Thank you to all the Filipino communities in Kuwait and to all readers of”

“First of all, I want to thank all of the Filipino communities in Kuwait for their support in the projects that I have and most especially for appreciating my share in the work for our community. My website is all about my advocacy of extending assistance to fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through blogging / writing.”

To start with, it is of great importance to note that most of my aspirations as an OFW were moulded and cared for by my “home base” – Alalamia  Agency headed by its President Ms. Dolor Suarez Elenany.

“As a blogger, I just don’t write but I also participate in projects. Part of my winning this award.

is by being Admin, moderator and a forumer of many OFW global blogs. Many OFWs are seeking help and advice emotionally, physically and mentally. Modesty aside, I was able to encourage more than a hundred people who are now experiencing the good and positive vibes living in Kuwait because one way of giving hope to others is giving inspiration how to love well in Kuwait.”

“I also write about events in the State of Kuwait and I try to determine how our fellow kabayans will benefit from these events as I put into action ways and means to achieve the goal. Through my website diarynigracia, kabayans who plan to work in Kuwait are given information about the different Filipino communities from which they can choose to participate once they are settled in the country.”

“It is through the efforts, dedication, patience, cooperation of different Filipino communities that various projects have been realized. Oplan Habagat was a donation drive to answer the call of humanity following the floods caused by weeks of rain between July to August of this year. Free shipment of the 200 boxes of donation was made possible through LBC WLL Kuwait. “

“A recent blood donation campaign was under the sponsorship of UAE Exchange Kuwait, NADEC, LBC WLL Kuwait and media partner Kuwait Times. The selfless participation of different Filipino communities and other expatriates generated success for the event. Blood donation campaign is one way of thanking the country that has become home to more than 160 thousand Filipinos like myself.”

“To forumers of where I am able to share necessary details of what I know to fellow OFWs, thank you so much.”

“I also give information about Kuwait on diarynigracia, to somehow show the readers that Kuwait is not a boring country. There are places of interest to visit and learn from. And the culture is almost similar to ours. The same as well goes to which is an interactive community.”

“As Assistant Coordinator of Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Kuwait, I am truly thankful that I have been given the chance to help in preparing and organizing events for the occasion that even if we live far from our home country, we are still able to commemorate the momentous event in our history. Such was precisely the reason why I created a special website for this event, the”

“Many thanks also to my family headed by Mr. Bryan Cinco. This is a website containing OFW news of which I am co-author. Mr. Nad Telen of for being my project designer and to Ms. Myla Villanueva, my community online mentor for supporting all of my online endeavors.”

“My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Ailyn Mantele, the Kuwait Director/ Manager of Alalamia Agency, to Mr. Lito Soriano of LBS Agency and Ms. Marcia Saguipon of M & M Agency.”

“And finally, I would like to leave with one finally note; blogging is one way of sharing ourselves to others, reaching out to those who need our assistance, while simultaneously earning to be able to take care of our families here in the Philippines.”

“Again, my sincerest gratitude and Good Day to everyone.”



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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    LaineyLovesLife says:

    Congratulations, Gracia! 🙂
    I was once an OFW and I’ve had my share of ups and downs, adventures and misadventures, even social work in Doha. I hope you continue to inspire and help our kababayans. 🙂

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