After days use of my Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note GT N-7000, truly dependable.


Considering Samsung Galaxy Note’s large screen, higher resolution and more heavy duty battery, it characterizes the perfect phone suited for an Overseas Filipino Worker and blogger making numerous tasks.  I am not only fascinated but actually ended up needing one, for I have found it as a surprise to the mobile phone industry in terms of flexibility and control.

I commend Samsung for the widgets feature which provides a fully customizable interface.  Several application programs are pre-installed on the device.  These include the standard Android applications such as email, web browsing, and media playback, as well as some programs aimed mainly at business users and to facilitate the use of the stylus.

Other application software for the device is available at Samsung Apps and Google Play, as well as from independent sources.  I have also tried using the Google Play Store or the Android market.  I tried downloading several plug-ins for Samsung Galaxy Note and these are really helpful to my work.  Most of the apps I really want or need are there, mostly for free.

The Galaxy Note is comfortable to use and almost no application seems to overexert it.  Even High Definition videos don’t push the device to its limits.



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Gracia Amor
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