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diary-ni-gracia-recognition-dear-diaryDear Diary,

2011 went very well making me very grateful. Moreover, I was especially pleased to see that my blogging career accomplished its goals. Receiving different nominee categories in Blog competitions and winning Best in Advocacy Award from Philippine Expats Blog Award (PEBA) 2011, I really felt that God handed me a key  of discovering serendipitous life and He has been very generous to me.

I know that successes like these are not automatic and are the result of my planning, hard work, study and sacrifice, have given me the privilege to achieve the success of “Me and My Diary Contest 2011” but this will not be called success without earnest support of good friends and family. They all have given support in my projects and have helped me stay on track and on target. Without their willingness and initiative in spite of some resistance in this field, I cannot achieve my goal.  Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

On behalf of workabroad in their OFW forum, I would like to give appreciation for recognizing my presence and awarding me as the “Guru/Moderator” of the forum. I will surely give more valuable assistance to all our aspiring OFWs.

Everything was well worth of my time and investment.

2012 was a year of challenges surmounted and blessings packed in small and big boxes. Meeting different people who selflessly showed concern for fellow OFWs and Filipinos back home, made it possible to have the success of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Kuwait , Oplan Habagat sa Bayan ni Juan and scheduled Blood Donation Drives.

Advocacy has strengthened my belief and trust in the positive outcome of my endeavors benefitting fellow countrymen and reciprocating the Gulf state which has become home to me for the past several years.

The roads I walked were not always easy to get to my focal goal, but with Divine Guidance and Divine Providence, I was able to pull through.  All the hard work, sleepless nights and tears were all worth it; in middle of November, I received two e mails from the Philippines, on the same day, a few hours apart, congratulating me for winning two awards.

Outstanding Balikbayan Reputation Awards 2012 and Migration Advocacy Awards 2012, both culminated my work as an OFW blogger and aside from the plaques and gifts I received, the most valuable present given to me was my unexpected homecoming to the Philippines.

I was given the chance to spend quality time with my family and good friends, met with my cyber family at manilachannel dotcom, attended different events that have enriched me professionally, personally and met for the first time, an older friend.

I am raring to go and start year 2013 with a lot of hope for other endeavors to be fulfilled and giving back all the praise and honor to our Lord.


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33 thoughts on “Dear Diary..

  1. ralph says:

    the years are really good to you… may you be blessed with more achievements and conquer more heights this year. Yahweh bless.

  2. Janine says:

    congratz to you! i wish i can be like you someday. i hope i can have same time management as yours. 🙂

  3. lovemindanao says:

    it was indeed a good year for all of us . congratulations for those achievements . You may proper more and inspire millions of kababayans .. KUDOS 😀

  4. marri says:

    You are blessed because you share your life to others with a passion to give more than to receive. Your use your gifted talents and skills to benefit others and that’s being so humble of you.

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