Philippine Migrants Rights Watch

diary-ni-gracia-philippine-migrants-rights-watchThe Philippine Migrants Rights Watch or PMRW is a registered civil society network established in 1995 to encourage the recognition, protection and fulfillment of Filipino migrants’ rights – both in the Philippines and overseas during the entire migration process. PMRW is a member of the International NGO Platform on the Migrant Workers’ Convention (IPMWC).  The objectives of PMRW are the following:

  •  To carry out education, lobbying, and monitoring activities toward the recognition, protection, and fulfillment of the rights of all Filipino migrants and members of their families before departure, during migration, and upon return.
  • To monitor respect for and expose abuses of Filipino migrants’ rights toward the pursuit of justice.
  • To disseminate information among migrant workers and their associations, and in dialogue with them.

PMRW is a beneficial organization to migrants and Overseas Filipino Workers because it helps them in promoting the rights and welfare of domestic workers.  It talks about issues like Social Security Protection of Overseas Filipinos which is deemed to be important for the confidence of the migrants about their protection.

PMRW also helps the overseas Filipinos to build a strong and reliable link with their co-Filipinos through recognizing the importance of having a properly organized and well-coordinated program of activities for migrants.  It promotes not just the security of the migrants but also their wellness.  No need to worry a lot anymore, migrants because Philippine Migrants Rights Watch is in assistance to uphold your rights.

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