Budget to work and live in Dubai, UAE

@acidcool asks diarynigracia about the possible expenses of working and living in Dubai, UAE.

Question: Hello Ms. Amor. I was just thinking if it is possible to have a budget like this, in case I will work and live in Dubai, UAE.  Let us also say the work area location is near the house. Kindly give me your views. Thanks po.

Accomodation (Shared) – 500 AED

Food – 50 AED / day – 1,550 AED / month

DEWA/Internet – 150 AED

Transpo – 200 AED

Total – 2,450 AED budget for 1 month while living in Dubai

diarynigracia says: 

@acidcool: If you are single, it seems that this is an expensive budget expenses you have in mind. As Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipino expats, we should always consider first the monthly remittances we need to send to our families back home in the Philippines di po ba?  The rate of conversion per 1 AED to Php varies fluctuates from day to day. 

You must also think about moderated, yet, extra expenses like;

a.spiritual development and Filipino community sharing

b. Journey for learning

c. Long life Investment

@acidcool, only you can determine and manage your finances while staying overseas, so spend your hard earned money wisely. Thanks and Good Luck !



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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