Kabayan hospitality and food habits

It is very typical for a kabayan (Filipino) to invite even a stranger passing by to “come and eat” with them especially if the stranger happens to pass by while a group of kabayan is having their snack, more so, a meal. Guests who visit a kabayan home are offered food and drink even without any occasion. A guest is expected to be gracious and partake of the meal. Some may not like what is served but they will never reject or refuse it. They may eat a little and just make an excuse that they are already full.

The invitation to dine is more persistent when there is something to celebrate like a Fiesta, wedding, birthday, dedication or any similar social obligation. Guests during that time are expected to fill themselves to their hearts’ content and more often than not, the host will give something for the guest to take home to.

Kabayans in the Philippines usually eat three full meals a day and with two snacks in between. Some observe breakfast to be heavy as it is the most important meal of the day; while others make it light. Lunch is oftentimes sumptuous and eaten with gusto. Dinner for others is easy as much as possible.

Filipinos (kabayans) love food and it is the basis of their social life.



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