First Kuwait United Methodist Church Anniversary

First Kuwait United Methodist Church anniversary.
First Kuwait United Methodist Church anniversary.

A few days ago, the First United Kuwait Methodist Church celebrated its First Year Anniversary at L’ Elysees Suite Hotel in Salmiya. It was solemn, prayerful, and joyful with praise songs occasion.

Many spiritual leaders from different churches came to participate as well as the faithful who testified the manifestation of God in their lives, others rejoiced in praise songs, while new church attendees shared the fellowship.

Congratulations to the church leaders who will act as the Lord’s hands to guide the faithful;

Church Lay Leader: Engr. Jame Sola

Church Council Chairperson: Engr. Pernel Sanchez

Chairman B.O.T. – Bro. Billygraham David

Chairperson Finance – Sis. Charina Valencia

Chairperson SPPRC: Bro. Mark James Ernieta

Church Secretary: Sis. Rizza Fernandez

Church Treasurer: Sis. Vrenelie Cayaba

N.O.W. Committee Chairperson: Sis. Mel Sanchez

Nurture: Sis. Mel, Bro. Pernell, Sis. Charina

Outreach: Bro.Jame, Bro. Ryan, Sis. Rizza, Sis. Clarisse

Witness: Ptr. Randy, Bro. Eddie Laud, Sis.Vren

“My attendance to event like this enhances my spirituality and my Faith in the Almighty Lord. I learn many things that will help me become a better person and will enable me to give better service to others.”



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