Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait (FBK) 3rd General Assembly

Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait (FBK) held its 3rd General Assembly middle of last month at the home of Ms. Freda Editha Contreras, a respected senior of FBK.

Some members of the group became busy in the kitchen helping in the preparation of food which was shared by everybody later at the Diwaniya of Ms. Contreras’ home. She was very happy to see us so at home in her kitchen.

We are pretty diverse at FBK, holding jobs quite different from one another, yet, writing online has become our common denominator. No matter how busy or stressed we are, we try to immerse ourselves in writing which is both a therapy and a passion for all of us. A gathering like this also gives us the chance to catch up with stories of our lives that keep us grounded and bonded together.




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Gracia Amor
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