Civil ID 1.  Carry civil ID at all times the moment you leave your flat. 2" />

Advisory on prevailing conditions in the Middle East


Civil ID

1.  Carry civil ID at all times the moment you leave your flat.

2.  Make sure that your Civil ID address and place of residence are the same.

3.  Less talk, less mistakes. If authorities ask for your civil ID give your civil ID only. Do not show other identification like your spouse’s or child’s ID, driver’s license, or passport. These might get confiscated.

4.  On house-to-house checking the authorities will be accompanied by the Harris. Do not resist or avoid opening doors. They are allowed to check officially.

5.  Stay calm and respond to questions. Do not try to provoke them in any way.


1. When traveling with family carry proper documentation of the entire family including small children.

2. Valid Car Registration (check expiry date on your vehicle registration)

3.  Civil ID

4.  License

5.  Affidavit of marriage or certificate copy

Illegal Taxing

1.  Avoid transporting friends or family whose Civil ID doesn’t match your residential address.

2.  Avoid car pool.

3.  Going to the airport is better to take a taxi instead of asking a friend to drop you off.


Avoid monthly shopping because large bulk buying is pointed out as purchases for resale.

Shop at malls. Smaller centers are primary spots for checking.

Traffic Violations

1.  Don’t violate traffic rules.

2.  Red Light means you have to stop.

3.  Yellow Light you can go carefully.

4.  Green – go – start 5 km and slowly increase to 40-60 km only within that area.

5.  Red – best to stop. But you might get confused when a cop is controlling and he signals you to go ahead. Pray for help!

6.  Don’t jump lanes without sending a signal.

7.  No mobile while driving and walking on the street.

8.  Avoid driving under influence of alcohol / other substances.



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