An OFW Postscript to August 21

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An OFW's view of Kuwait from her window...
An OFW’s view of Kuwait from her window…

The day was August 21, 1983 and I was busy playing, eating, sleeping… I was not yet in pre-school then. I could vaguely remember the scenes when Nanay would open our television set and hear the names Ninoy, Cory and others. Three years after, 1986, I was already in pre-school and another scene dominated our television set, EDSA People Power, as Nanay and my other relatives told us kids.

Grade school, high school until college, I became more aware of what August 21, 1983 and EDSA 1986 meant because there were lessons and discussions about these in school.

Now that I am part of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) here in Kuwait, I am not physically bounded by the special non-working holiday when August 21 comes because I am presently out of the Philippine shore, but that doesn’t mean that I care less about its significance.

Democracy, I think that is the significance of these above mentioned dates. Freedom to choose, what to do and think, yet still living within the limits of Philippine laws and moral laws of Filipinos. As OFWs, we are also subject to respecting the laws and customs of the host country where we are working and currently living. Let us be proud that we are Filipinos, we are kabayans, but in doing so, let us not also forget to make our country proud by all the positive things we can and must do not only to fellow kabayans but to everyone regardless of race, culture and religion.





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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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