My Balikbayan box for Nanay

Nanay is not in the best of health. Every day here in Kuwait is a struggle for me to get up and face the day ahead. You may see me smile, work as if there is no tomorrow, and perform my duties, but deep inside, I am hurting because Nanay is sick.

Each time I receive a text message from her, it gives me the strength to go on. Aside from the financial support that I have imposed upon my shoulders for them, and my family back home in the Philippines, I still would like to send a box each year for all of them.

Nanay is not as healthy now as she was last year when I came home unexpectedly, but I know receiving the box will put a smile on her face and maybe ease the pain she feels. Knowing that I always have her in my thoughts each day, wishing that I could go home and take care of her, Nanay will surely continue to pray for me, as I do for her.

More than the goods inside this balikbayan box, is the unconditional love and the respect that I have for my Nanay. “Hindi po ba at talagang ganito tayong mga Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), laging nasa isip ang ating pamilya na naiwan sa Pilipinas.”



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