OFWs in Kuwait: Congratulations Fr. Ben!

Fr. Ben Barrameda
Fr. Ben Barrameda

Recently, Fr. Ben Barrameda has celebrated his 10th Priestly Ordination Anniversary with Salmiya Church. Many rejoiced with this blessed man and seeing how many OFWs in Kuwait doted him with greetings and surprises after the mass celebration, it cannot be denied that this servant of God is loved so much by his spiritual children.

I have met Fr. Ben personally, and truly, I can say that Christian OFWs in Kuwait like me are blessed to have him around. It is not easy to be in a faraway land where you need to adapt to a different culture. As we, Filipinos, are known for being pious, it is hard to be in a place where you have limitations in expressing your faith. We all know that most of us get our strength from our faith during difficult times, so being in a different spiritual environment is a big challenge.

For this reason, Catholic Filipinos in Kuwait are blessed to have Christian spiritual leaders like Fr. Ben around. Having a spiritual father is a comfort knowing that someone can lead you in faith in times of darkness. This also results to stronger unity for OFWs especially for those who are in the same faith. Meeting each other every Sunday or during church activities makes it easier for these people to cope up with loneliness.

I am one of those who benefit from having a united spiritual family together with my fellow OFWs here in Kuwait. Therefore, in behalf of my kababayan, I would like to extend my congratulations to Fr. Ben. We have nothing but prayers and best wishes for our dearest spiritual father. So:





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Peace and love to you.

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