Congratulations to Avanti Palace from Kabayan in Kuwait

I have always been a fan of Avanti Palace. For any special occasion, my friends or colleagues and I would celebrate in its original branch in Salmiya. Who would not love the delicious food that they serve, and the elegant dining area where you could experience true relaxation?


For sure, I am not the only one who has the same thoughts about the launching of the second Avanti Palace located in Hawally. Aside from the local people, there are many kabayan in Kuwait like me who consider the restaurant as their favorite restaurant. Therefore, this new branch will delight them too. We do not need to travel to Salmiya anymore just to eat lunch or dinner in Avanti Palace. Now, we have another spot to drop by.


In my whole stay here in Kuwait, I could say that Avanti Palace offers the best Indian, Arabic, and Chinese cuisines. Among my favorite dishes from this restaurant are their beef shezwan and vegetable fried rice which are among their Chicken S4 Avanti Special. They are really flavourful and I can say that they are excellently prepared20140515_160659

I also appreciate the live cooking and catering services that they provide. They make our dining experience more exciting.

What I can say now, in behalf of my fellow kabayan in Kuwait, is congratulations to the business owners, Venkat Chowdary and Rajesh Shetty, for their expansion. We also thank you for the 20% discount that you are giving your customers this entire May on any food. Surely, we will not miss the chance to celebrate with you this new season of Avanti Palace venture.






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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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