A Model Kabayan in Kuwait: Farida Al Halimi

It is not easy to be an OFW here in Kuwait. Aside from the need to adjust to the

Farida Al Halimi
Farida Al Halimi

different culture and environment, being away from your family is a tough battle. I feel pity for my kababayan here who are experiencing maltreatment in their work. Sad but true, there are lots of them here who have been unfortunate to be with abusive employers. Getting justice is difficult enough, but what makes it harder is that they are away from those who can provide them support.

For this reason, I am proud of all the Filipinos here in Kuwait who are willing to lend hands to their fellow OFWs in distress. One of these is no other than Farida Al Halimi. To those who escaped from their employers due to abuse, this woman has given them hope. Through her effort and various ways of helping, may OFWs have been able to get back on the track after their traumatic experiences.

Farida offers free haircut to her kabayan in Kuwait who are struggling in finding the next direction in their lives. However, what serves as their second chance is the training that comes with the haircut. To help her fellow Filipinos, she provides several trainings in the salon. The skills learned from the training can surely be used for employment whether they stay here in the state or they go home to the Philippines.

It is an honor to have personally known this generous and kind-hearted woman. Farida has inspired me and a lot more Filipinos here. What she does has united the hearts of more OFWs to be more on the lookout for each other.





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