OFWs in Kuwait: ‘You’re the best ConGen Raul Dado!”

Consul General Atty. Raul Dado
Consul General Atty. Raul Dado

Last April, the newly assigned consul general to Kuwait, Atty. Raul Dado arrived to the state. Little did the Filipino community know that the change we were hoping for a long time was about to happen.

Before Atty. Dado was consul general here, many OFWs in Kuwait were hesitant to ask help from the Philippine Embassy in the state because of the difficulty in getting assistance. Also, the embassy was surrounded with the usual issues like corruption, which just made assistance and justice more out of reach.

However, everything changed when ConGen Dado stepped in. This veterinarian turned lawyer already made a difference in the embassy in his first month of service. Aside from being helpful to people, he also makes sure that assistance is accessible to those who need it. No wonder, he is called the ‘Action Man’ by many.

One more thing that we, kabayan, here in Kuwait admire about our new consul general is his dedication to work. He makes sure that all his duties are completed on time, and he does not go home until his work is done.

Also, Atty. Dado is a family man. He is devoted to his family. What more, how he cares for his family is shown in how he takes care of his constituents here in Kuwait. He is approachable and always willing to help. Truly, this is the kind of consul general that we OFWs need here in Kuwait.

Therefore, from all the Filipinos here in Kuwait, MABUHAY KA CONSUL GENERAL ATTY. RAUL DADO!






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