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Definition of language

For those who wish to learn a new language aside from their native tongue, there are various online websites, applications, e-books and online study communities. But we must not fail to remember that studying a new language does not only have one pattern for the learner to absorb the techniques. What works for learner A may not work for learner B.

There are five (5) free online language learning areas to choose from and these are the following;

 Busuu are language lessons that have study patterns like reading, recording, listening, speaking and writing. This approach also gives the learner a chance to extend his/her network of online friends and fellow participants while having real time online practice. Busuu is recommended for learners that have some understanding of the language they want to enhance their knowledge about.


Basically, this method offers learning materials in six European languages. Learners of this method experience organized learning through graphics presented about the language. Vocabulary is taught through reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The reading materials and translation provide optimum advancement for sentence structure while grammar notes are reminders of new concepts to learn and practice.

Foreign Services Institute

The American Foreign Services Institute offers free language learning materials that are basic, simple, yet, of high quality and professionally designed by leading linguists. The audio recordings are well organized and since this is a grammar-based study, the lessons serve as great supplement materials.


This learning site is like a social network where friend requests, friend suggestions are part of an interactive community. Thirty five languages are available for lessons where “tutors” who earn points through editing the learners’ works in this community-based system.

Lessons are broken down into parts so the learners can work on them through reading, writing, listening and speaking, and finally, the lessons become whole again. Learners can apply what they have learned part by part.

Livemocha is recommended for learners who wish to access virtual classes or online session with a private tutor where they can also chat and seems to be like a friendly environment to learn.


Mnemonic flashcards or “mems” are used to help the learner remember his pre-existing knowledge of the language that is also helpful to new vocabulary. This method is both visual and valid to keep learners enjoying their lessons simultaneously enhancing their skill. This is recommended for learners who are interested in educational technology by the use of visual aids online.






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