Finance Management and Family Life

Most of us want to reward ourselves for the hard work. Let us be practical about this.
Most of us want to reward ourselves for the hard work. Let us be practical about this.

It is possible that proper finance management may lead to a better family life? Yes, this is possible only if you are willing to learn your lessons well.

A hardworking father wants to own the car of his dreams but he does not have enough money to pay for it. His children are in school and his wife has her own work too. The father thinks of getting a bank loan for his dream car and will just go through the worries of paying the loan later. What happens? He falls short in finances and one problem came after the other.

Yes, we are hardworking and sometimes we think that we must give ourselves “a gift”. There are options on how to have money and buy those “dream” things but the question is, are we ready for the financial woes that may come later? We need to have a mindset change and knowing our priorities will save us from finance problems later.

In recent years consumers are spending more rather than saving more. Wherever we may be, stores, stalls and malls literally stand beside each other and the run for “sale” and “promos” is very inviting. We must try to save first before spending because in this way, we can extend our family budget.

Proper finance management starts with buying only what you need. Change the way we conceive things and put into practice what you have learned. Only when you accept the truth about finance management principles can you be truly free of debts. We don’t need to be rich or affluent in order to have a better family life. When we live within our means and start saving, we give security to our family.

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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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