Friendship and Money Issue

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Friendship becomes a lot more enjoyable if there is no money matters involved.
Friendship becomes a lot more enjoyable if there is no money matters involved.

What is the most effective way to lose a friend? My goodness, did I hear myself right? This is the most common answer – lend money to your friend or borrow from your friend and chances are, you will lose the friendship.

If it is you who borrows money from your friend and promises to pay back at a certain time, you must try your best to honor the promise; because if you don’t, your friend will most probably get mad. That may be the start of your misunderstanding between each other.

If it is the other way around, you lent money to your friend and expects your friend to pay it back soon, you will be a personified loan shark. However, if you let time pass before you ask your friend to pay you back, chances are, the money will be forgotten and the friendship ruined.

What is the best way to address the money – friendship issue? Try not to borrow from your friend and try not to lend money to a friend. Better if your friend asks help from you, consider it a gift and not expect any payment in return. At least, it will just be a one time transaction.


Peace and love to you.

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9 thoughts on “Friendship and Money Issue

  1. Ten says:

    Well…. hmmm… Well… XD

    Pagpinabayaan mo na inde mag bayad at sabihin mo ayos lang. then balang magkakaroon pa ng Sumbatan.


  2. Otakore Literantadodist says:

    I always say / lie I’m in debt when someone wants to borrow a money to me. You may see it bad or good. It’s a way for them to get financially disciplined. But i’d consider lending money only to very long-time friend(s).

    I won’t feel any guilt too even if something bad happens to them because of not lending them a money. My family is my priority and definitely not them!

  3. Jess says:

    I’m a firm believer of “Give, and you will receive. .” I have some friends and relatives who borrowed money and seems they have forgotten to pay. But it’s okay, at least in the times they need help I was there to help.

  4. Edel says:

    Sometimes you really can’t help pity a friend who needs money. What I do is give an amount that won’t create a hole in my pocket and I give it (although I won’t tell him/her) without any expectation that I’ll get paid back. If he/she pays, then its better, if not, no harm done.

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