Be resilient and keep your stand

Problems arise because of only two things ; poor choice and doing the right thing. We all commit mistakes at some point in our life even if we are very careful. Mistakes due to spur of the moment circumstances, influences, abrupt decisions. Sometimes too, people are having difficulties because they are doing something right. I remember back in college, we were having our Midterm exam and my classmates seated in front of me were given warning by our instructor because they seem to be cheating. In truth, even if they were seated in front of me, I did not see anything.

Mistakes and lessons learned make us better persons. (shutterstock)
Mistakes and lessons learned make us better persons. (shutterstock)

  After the exam, our instructor spoke with me and asked me repeatedly if I saw my classmates cheat. I answered that I didn’t see anything. She didn’t believe me and from then on, each time for recitation, right after her question she would call my family name. She did this several times but each time I was able to answer because I made it a point to study my lessons  before coming to her class. I felt pressured yes but I knew I told her  the truth. When problems arise, we need to be resilient. We may back down a little, pause and reflect but once we find the strength to go on, we must keep our stand. We cannot please everybody  but we can always try to do what is right, whether they accept us or not.

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