KUWAIT OFW QUARANTINE DIARIES DAY #54 – Quarantine Measures Go Even Further

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MAY 04, 2020

The country of Kuwait has imposed its efforts and precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus. For the day of May 4, 2020, the Ministry of Health has announced an additional 295 new cases. It results in a total of 5,278 COVID-19 cases for the whole nation. Despite that, the number of recoveries was 171, which is a lot higher than the last data that was recorded. It also stated that the number of patients in ICU is 79, where 42 of them are critical and 37, are fortunately stable. Within the last 24 hours, 10 of those cases were transferred to ICU while; one case was transferred out of ICU into the ward. Two more deaths were also reported bringing in a total number of 40 death due to the COVID-19 virus. The deaths include a Kuwaiti national at the age of 74 years old and an Indian resident aged 58 years old where both of them were receiving primary medical attention in the intensive care unit for a duration of 55 and 2 days, respectively. With this, citizens are still advised to practice good personal hygiene and physical distancing in this moment of crisis.


Combat against COVID-19 continues A Sacrifice of a Filipino Hero

          An unfortunate announcement came from Bandar Al-Enazi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Nursing Society, after confirming that another Filipino nurse has passed away after being infected with the COVID-19 virus. Upon investigating the incidence, it was later found out that one of the nursing personnel has died due to the lack of protective measures and provisions of primary medical care from the establishment. He also pointed out to ask the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health to open up a more in-depth comprehensive investigation to all the parties within the establishment of the tragic incident. He also managed to emphasize that the coming days will bear a lot.

            It is reported that the Preventive Health Nursing and Ambulance Team were aware and knowledgeable about the condition of the nurse.

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On the other hand, a military plane from the country of China successfully arrived in Kuwait. It is fully loaded with sufficient medical equipment that is to be used in this battle against the rapid spread of the disease. As stated from the press release by the Ministry’s Moral Guidance and Public Relations Directorate, these are the efforts from the eminent joint cooperation of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Defense, and the Ministry of Health. With the purpose to effectively flatten the curve of the number of coronavirus cases within the nation of Kuwait, medical equipment is immediately provided.

This Monday marks the 44th day of the curfew and 12th day of the Ramadan. Kuwait has a total of 5,278 cases while the Philippines has 9,485 cases. It is good to know that our frontliners still continue to serve the community and fight this pandemic despite the risks that they are facing. In this time of crisis, all of us should be working together. 


Further Suspension of PhilHealth Payments

            The Philippine Embassy of Kuwait has released another advisory in regards to PhilHealth payments for Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait. Within its advisory no. 56 series of 2020, the title states that there are no POEA Governing Board Resolution Resolution that requires payment of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) contributions in the issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs) for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Furthermore, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration informs the public that the POEA Governing Board hast not passed a resolution that authorizes the POEA to fully require OFWs to pay PhilHealth premium on their application for the issuance of OECs since the passage of the Philippine Universal Health Care Act. With respect to it, the public is safe assured that the POEA systems and processes associated with the issuance of OECs are presently not linked with that of the PhilHealth. They also remain to be consistent with the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte in lessening the additional burden to OFW’s through the suspension of the collection of higher premiums from OFWs. In addition to that, the POEA effectively complies with the same presidential directive in recognizing one’s payment of the membership of Philheath as voluntary.

            This advisory is for the concern of the OFWs in regards to their Philhealth payments. With this, they will be able to focus more on protecting themselves against the threat of COVID-19 disease. This proves to be a great help among the Filipinos in Kuwait as they undergo this pandemic crisis.

Philippine Embassy of Kuwait. (2020). No POEA Governing Board Resolution requiring payment of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) contributions, in the issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs) for OFWs. Retrieved on May 05, 2020,

In the Philippines, there are 262 new COVID-19 cases for May 04, 2020, with 16 new deaths and 101 recoveries. In total, there are 9,485 cases with 623 confirmed deaths and 1,315 recoveries. The increase of the new cases has alarmed the authorities. Consequently, they have decided to temporarily suspend the commercial international flights for one week. However, outbound international flights will be allowed if approved by the Inter-Agency Taskforce for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease. In this implementation, they have hopes to further stop the spread of the virus.

“Update of COVID-19 cases in Philippines at May 04, 2020”

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