The Remarkable Aid of Philippine Profession Organization (PPO) in Kuwait

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Hope is the inner strength of every individual to survive any critical circumstances offered in life. With hope comes charity and generosity, for it cannot be cultivated alone. It is boosted with the liaison of every individual as they dream of creating a better community. In this coronavirus pandemic, the Philippine Professional Organization of Kuwait (PPO – Kuwait) rendered its valiant service and charity for the welfare of every citizen and resident in the community.

Historically founded in early 2013, the organization sought to improve one’s work performance and the nation’s economy. Their vision includes the production of globally competitive Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait that can proficiently compete in the worldwide market. The Philippine Professional Organization has been working closely with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and the Professional Regulation Commission to enhance the competitive position of every Filipino worker.

This inspiring organization is led by its dedicated leaders, mainly Engr. Eric C. Gono as the President and Engr. Roy M. Fuscablo as the Vice-President. They are accompanied by Arch. Miriam T. Agustin as the Secretary, Mr. Abdurahman S. Abing as the Treasurer, Engr. Rick B. Malabanan as the Auditor, Ms. Darem Rivera as the P.R.O. and Engr. Tranquilino C. Durante as the Sgt. at Arms. With their excellent leadership, the organization touched and improved more lives of our fellow Filipino workers.

However, their mission does not only assist our Filipino Workers in improving their working position. They also sought to give our fellow Kababayans a good future in their lives. As every Filipino Worker is affected by the coronavirus health crisis and the “No Work, No Pay” situation happening in Kuwait, the Kuwait PPO distributed food packages and relief goods as a symbol of hope and love. From this, many affected Kabayans benefited this inspiring act of generosity.

Many people are very thankful to all the efforts of the Philippine Professional Organization in conducting these relief goods deliveries to the Filipino community in Kuwait. It will serve as a great reminder that being generous in times of crisis is distributing hope to each of our hearts. As we face the coronavirus pandemic, let us be united with each other’s arms and put an end to its further transmission.



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