PhilHealth's new rates for COVID-19 Testing  

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PhilHealth’s new rates for COVID-19 Testing

PhilHealth’s new rates for COVID-19 Testing


The Philippine Health Insurance corporation has announced a new benefits package for COVID-19 testing, using plate-based and cartridge-based Reverse transcription-polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR).

The new package rates can be found in the PhilHealth Circular No,2021-0021, which was published and took effect on November 30.

According to Philhealth, the coverage is P800 to P2,800 for plate-based and P500 and P2,450 for cartridge-based RT-PCR tests. The price cap for plate-based is P2,800, while the price cap for cartridge-based RT-PCR tests is P2,450 for public facilities. For private facilities with an allowable 20 percent mark up, the price cap for plate-based is P3,360, and for Cartridge-based, P2,940.

The new rates were based on the revised costing estimate and price cap prescribed by the Department of Health and the Department of Trade and Industry. The implementation of the benefit packages shall be continuously reviewed and monitored to ensure financial risk protection for the beneficiary of PhilHealth.

The testing of these benefits is available in PhilHealth’s accredited testing laboratory.

Members are entitled to the benefit based on applicable DOH guidelines or its revision/amendments. Non-members are also automatically covered, provided that they complete member registration upon the availment of the benefit.



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