Philhealth-Iloilo hospitals reach a compromise



St. Paul’s Hospital, Iloilo Doctors Hospital, Iloilo Mission Hospital, The Medical City Iloilo, Medicus Medical Center, Qualimed Hospital Iloilo, and Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center Iloilo’s management was initially reported to be firm in their decisions to cut ties with PhilHealth after the unpaid claims reached up to P545 million on August 31, 2021, alone. 

A compromise has been reached between the seven private hospitals in Iloilo city and PhilHealth after a meeting between PhilHealth president and CEO Dante Gierran and the management of seven hospitals last December 29-31, 2021. During that meeting, PhilHealth assured that it is committed to fast-tracking and manual reconciliation of claims. They also promised to assign coordinators and evaluators to speed up the process for claims. PhilHealth is also committed to paying more than P895 million in claims within 90 days. In exchange, the group would keep their PhilHealth membership until the end of January 2022. The P895 million includes both Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 case claims up to November 30, 2021. PhilHealth also promised to reconcile claims made by the end of December 2021.

A Joint statement made by the seven hospitals says: “In the spirit of humane consideration and with the prevailing Yuletide season as well as for the welfare of the Filipino people which the seven hospitals serve, we have agreed to suspend the planned disengagement that was scheduled to start on January 1, 2022, and give PhilHealth one more chance to fulfill its commitments up to January 31, 2022.”



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