Possible price assessment for RT-PCR testing under consideration  

Possible price assessment for RT-PCR testing under consideration

Possible price assessment for RT-PCR testing under consideration


Monday, 28th day of December 2021, Acting Presidential spokesperson and Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles suggested a reassessment of RT-PCR testing prices during ANC’s Headstart due to the surge of new covid cases in the country. 

Nograles said, “Maybe we can start assessing the prices again, although we went through that cycle, we went through cycles of putting those caps on the RT-PCR. So maybe, it can be something that we can explore again or the [Department of Health] can explore again.” 

His remarks were based on the public’s concerns regarding hospitals turning their RT-PCR testing into private business. 

RT PCR price caps nowadays range from around P1,000-P3,000.

But Nograles made sure in his interview that PhilHealth shall cover RT-PCR testing conducted in hospitals. The public shall only pay when they request RT-PCR testing, voluntarily for their protection, safety or if they have symptoms. 

And according to DOH, out of 26,122 individuals tested last December 31 2021, 19.6% resulted positive. They also mentioned that the data was higher than the World Health Organization’s positivity rate benchmark of five percent or lower.



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