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Chikka Text Messenger

Chikka Text Messenger is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with your loved ones in the Philippines, wherever you are in the world for free and I have been using it for years now. Downloading the software to the PC or any mobile device is easy as 1-2-3 and your mobile number serves […]

Philippine Migrants Rights Watch

The Philippine Migrants Rights Watch or PMRW is a registered civil society network established in 1995 to encourage the recognition, protection and fulfillment of Filipino migrants’ rights – both in the Philippines and overseas during the entire migration process.

Meet Alohagems

  ABOUT YOURSELF Name: Shirley Mandel Url Address: alohagems.com Philosophy in life:  Do the foot work and leave the results up to God. Tell us something random about yourself  I have a good sense of humor according to my friends. Bread winner, ex-Mathematician, ex-teacher, ex-monbukagakusho scholar, ex-single, still learning how to drive, ex-CNA, special education assistant. […]

The Convenience that Samsung Galaxy Note Brings

Samsung combines convenience and functionality all into one stylish phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note.  With its immersive screen complimenting its smartphone portability, this is an innovative device which performs multiple tasks. Different applications are aimed mainly at business people, cyber work practitioners including OFW bloggers, students and gadget enthusiasts.  With the diverse applications and programs […]

OFW’s Reaction to PNoy’s Chirstmas message

Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino’s Christmas Message released on Christmas Eve, December 24th was a clear manifestation of his belief and trust in the goodness and cooperation of the Filipino people. The President has never gotten tired of giving priority to the needs of the people, more so, how to uplift their situation in life. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Note II

What is it in the Samsung Galaxy Note II that is not in the original Samsung Galaxy Note?  We will try to answer the question in the comparison of different aspects that will follow. Samsung Galaxy Note II weighs almost the same as the original Galaxy Note.  However, it is narrower and more lengthened, allowing […]

After days use of my Samsung Galaxy Note

  Considering Samsung Galaxy Note’s large screen, higher resolution and more heavy duty battery, it characterizes the perfect phone suited for an Overseas Filipino Worker and blogger making numerous tasks.  I am not only fascinated but actually ended up needing one, for I have found it as a surprise to the mobile phone industry in […]

The Best of diarynigracia: Year end report for 2012

Hello everyone and Happy 2013 to all of you! Time truly flies quite fast most especially when you love what you are doing. So, how was dairynigracia over the past year of 2012? First of all, today is the Second Anniversary since diary moved to dot.com and one year into the domain. My first post […]

A review about Samsung Galaxy Note

When I was browsing through the Samsung gadgets, the Galaxy Note captured my attention.  I found it even more interesting when I got the privilege to try using it.  I thought it could substitute my phone and my laptop.  It has every feature I need in my work as a blogger and my daily life […]

The Advocacy Media Awards Speech

“First of all, I want to thank all of the Filipino communities in Kuwait for their support in the projects that I have and most especially for appreciating my share in the work for our community. My website diarynigracia.com is all about my advocacy of extending assistance to fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through blogging […]

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