Who is an Au Pair?

Asian Au Pair residing for 2 years in Europe with her host family. (source: aufinidotcomminny)
Asian Au Pair residing for 2 years in Europe with her host family. (source: aufinidotcom)

An au pair is typically a female foreigner who works for and lives as part of a host family. An au pair shares in the family responsibility and this is usually on childcare, light house chores and is given allowance for personal use.

The European Agreement on Au Pair Placement was signed in 1969 but took effect and in 1971. From then on, mostly European countries permitted the agreement; Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Au Pair follows certain requirements; female, unmarried and without any children; between 18 to 30 years of age and placed under a cultural exchange arrangement with a European host family for a maximum stay of two (2) years.

The main duty of an au pair is on childcare; she wakes them up and prepares them light meals and cleans after their meals. In the absence of a school bus, an au pair takes the children to school and picks them up after school; helping with school homework, makes sure that the children are clean and neat, plays with the children, takes them to the park, playground and other activities, cleans the children’s room and bathroom, makes the children’s beds, does their laundry and presses / irons their clothes, arranges and keeps the children’s toys in proper place.

Duties other than the above specified do not comprise an au pair’s agreement with the host family. (to be continued)

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