Fashion Fusion in Kuwait

Models and designs at Fashion Fusion Kuwait.

October 5th, Salmiya – Iszonica Modeling School managed by Michelle Natasha Johnson hosted Fashion Fusion featuring fashion creatios by Aureus Trends as modeled by Veronika Bozo, Laila Ivady, Chelsei Bagsic, Krystle Nazareth and Marcia D’Souza. Zafran Restaurant was the key point of convergence during that night.

International Hair & Beauty Stylist Laticia Brown’s expertise transformed the models’ look as they presented every design based on its theme. The jewelry designed by Tifani Thomas accentuated the look and presentation of every model.

I power photography by Eric Fabro, Marlon Masangcay and Job Rejante gave life to mementos for the occasion. Hasan Suhail’s skill in combining music with every sway on the catwalk was a spectacle to boast of.

Heartfelt appreciation and thanks go out to all the guests of the event, to Idrees Khan, Rajib Rahman, Daryl Wright (CEO) Wrighteous Entertainment, all staff of Zafran Restaurant and also to Maxine at Better Book Store.

(photo taken from Iszonica Modeling School Facebook page; Framelez Photos Creative Designs, Photography Studio)


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