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Summer in Kuwait

Middle East, State of Kuwait – Even when I was younger, I heard that the Middle East is a very warm place because it is mostly composed of deserts and I also learned it in school from what my teachers taught us.

Some of my classmates and playmates too have fathers working in Saudi and they would often tell me stories or show me pictures of their fathers in the desert.

When I first came here in Kuwait, I was truly wondering how the weather here would be. As days, weeks, months and years had passed, I experienced it all, temperate breeze in Spring, sandstorms and almost unbearable heat during Summer, cool breeze in Fall and really very cold nights during Winter. Very little and very seldom did we experience rain here and when we do, everyone is rejoicing!

June is Summer month and thanks to centralized air conditioned flats, offices, churches, business and government establishments and public transport, Kuwaitis and expat communities are able to bear the very warm weather during this time.




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    Teresa Martinez says:

    The heat is one of the perennial causes of my migraine attacks so I probably wouldn’t be able to last in Kuwait during summer.The heat here in our country is unbearable enough.

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