Visa 20 in Kuwait

Domestic Servant’s Visa is also known as Visa 20. Kuwaiti families and expatriate families can apply for domestic visas for female full-time employees. A married man can only sponsor a maid provided that his wife and children are living with him. Females between 20 to 50 years of age can apply as domestic servant. Single men cannot employ a female domestic servant.

Requirements to apply for a Domestic Visa

  • Salary certificates of the sponsor and his wife
  • Copy of house rent agreement
  • Copy of sponsor and wife’s passport
  • Copy of local birth certificates or passport of sponsor and wife’s children
  • Copy of the sponsor’s and wife’s civil ID
  • Copy of the servant’s passport plus eight passport-sized photos
  • Copy of the work contract for the servant
  • Nonrelationship affidavit from the embassy

All affidavits must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The immigration office will check the size of the home/flat of the sponsor family, and its monthly income and will check if the family needs to employ a maid, before issuing a visa.



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