Kabayan in Kuwait excited for the new Kuwaiti Currency

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Recently, the official designs of the new Kuwait currency have been released by the Central Bank of Kuwait. The designs of these Kuwaiti Dinars were created by the De La Rue company in the United Kingdom. Since 1821, this company is known for selling printing technology and high-security paper for more than 150 currencies in the world. For these new Kuwaiti bills, they have used plastic polymer to make them more durable and difficult to tear. As a kabayan in Kuwait, I find this exciting too. I have seen the designs and they are really beautiful. Moreover, the durability of these bills is really practical as they will have a longer life. Also, as I have talked to some of our fellow kababayan, many are also fascinated with the ½ bill which has an image of the hawksbill turtle. This animal is feared to be extinct soon as they receive less protection from the government yet. Hopefully, this will remind Kuwait to take care of the welfare of the coral life in the state. However, some people are disappointed that there is no KD50 note. For them, KD20 is not big enough as a bill and 50 bucks will make it easier for people to carry around larger amount of cash. On the other hand, there are those who think that KD20 is enough as the largest bill. How about you kabayan? Are you excited for the circulation of these new Dinars? It looks like we will be more motivated to work harder as we will be receiving beautiful bills soon. Here are the official photos of the new Kuwait Dinars. english-kuwait-bill-quarter-kd english-kuwait-bill-half-kd english-kuwait-bill-one-kd english-kuwait-bill-5-kd english-kuwait-bill-10-kd english-kuwait-bill-20-kd






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