Worry-free Retirement

Retirement is one phase in life that is inevitable and must be enjoyed.
Retirement is one phase in life that is inevitable and must be enjoyed. (source: mediatips)

For someone who has worked his / her whole life, retirement is the longest and mandatory vacation that you will  ever have. Some consider this a very welcome idea, after decades of hard work, they can now rest. Others, seem to be worried about their finances. Truth is, only a few Filipinos actually retire with no money problems.

Reasons for this may be, education of their children, unpaid loans, unexpected illness and lifestyle. While you still have some years left in the work force, you can make some plans, goals and realize them.

Think of investments that will be productive and will make your retirement savings double earning. There are many lucrative investments schemes but you must be wise enough to discern which are real and which are fake.

As much as possible do  not add more to your debts. If you have existing loans, try to pay them up before your retirement money comes. It is also best to pay up on time so you will not be penalized with interests.

As a soon-to-be-retired person, it is your privilege to plan your retirement. How you will be able to enjoy it. Put travel in your wish list – start with local tourism at a nearby resort or hotel and simply spend time with your loved one. Later, you can travel overseas with the many affordable promos on air ticket and hotel reservations.

No matter how your financial status looks right now, retirement must be an inevitable phase in your life that you must enjoy.




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

5 thoughts on “Worry-free Retirement

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    Val says:

    Retirement is something that needs to be planned and prepared for. It doesn’t happen instantly so proper planning can make “worry-free” possible. 🙂

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    Roselle says:

    My parents have a well-planned retirement and I admire them for setting a good example. I used to handle investments (time deposits and government securities) when I was working in a bank and I make sure I regularly save money in a regular savings account and transfer some funds into long-term investments.

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