Fil Com Lakambini 2015 Kuwait

The Panel of Judges for Fil Com Lakambini 2015 Kuwait.
The Panel of Judges for Fil Com Lakambini 2015 Kuwait.

Looking back, I always admired candidates at beauty pageants and the pageant itself. It must be nerve wracking to participate and compete with each lady on stage. You must look , feel and project your best to the audience.

Being a judge at beauty pageants is not new to me and every invitation challenges me to assess better and become more profound. I cannot leave the event feeling and thinking that I made the least deserving lady win or the most deserving lady lose. My assessment must be by heart and by mind.

At the recent Fil Com Lakambini Pageant in line with Araw ng Kalayaan 2015, I was invited to become a pageant judge once more here in Kuwait. I felt the pressure because the candidates are members of the community, expats like myself living in the host country. The ladies came from diverse background but the common thing is that they are carving their name in the Filipino Community in Kuwait.

A simple smile creates a positive attitude.
A simple smile creates a positive attitude. Another opportunity to bond with fellow Fil Com.

I consider all of them beautiful in their own unique self and confident how they individually projected themselves to the audience. Then came the question, “Kung mananalo ka ng 1 Million Pesos, anong gagawin mo at bakit? (If you will win 1 Million Pesos, what will you do and why?)

All the candidates answered the question and all are acceptable. I was looking for something intrinsic in each answer and when I couldn’t find it, or so I thought – I gave my points accordingly.

The winner was crowned and her runners up were presented on stage as well. At that moment, I felt proud that I am a Filipina – whose grace, beauty, devotion and resiliency is known the world over.

Congratulations ladies!


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