Kabayan Cancer Support Group

Kabayan Cancer Support Group, a non-profit organization based in Kuwait.
Kabayan Cancer Support Group at the Al Sidra Association’s 2nd Breast Cancer Awareness Event.


Kabayan Cancer Support Group (KCSG) is a non-profit charity organization founded on February 7th, here in Kuwait. Composed of a group of Filipino personnel working in Kuwait Cancer Control Center to help Filipino cancer patients.

Its primary goal is to help the Filipino cancer patients to lessen their emotional burden and to be self-resilient by providing them with emotional, financial and spiritual support. 


• Provide additional information about their specific cases by giving them reading materials.

• Impart health teachings before, during and after their treatment.

• Provide them moral and spiritual support by visiting them while they are under treatment in the ward, based on the availability of any member.

• Asssist them financially depending on the group’s affordability.

Phone +965 9665 5315 / Email kcsg2015@yahoo (.) com

Source: KCSG social media page



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