58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate Message


58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate Message


To succeed at Financial Industry, each must think holistically about their strategic approach. Consumer behavior nowadays is driving way fast change, and it’s crucial in future.



I can relate taking the RFP class with someone who bought a new entertainment system, tried to set it up without reading the instructions, and wonder later on why things just don’t sound/look right. The RFP Program is that manual we all missed to read. Money—getting it, safekeeping it, making it grow, among other things, is a science that is never taught in any formal schools. It is a very basic part of our everyday life yet very few know how to handle. It seems like most people only try to learn about their finances once they have enough money and to some when they’ve already lost loads of it.

The RFP class is a great investment to prevent future financial failures due to ignorance (or our know-it-all attitude). It is taught in a very practical manner, by renowned people in the industry. What makes it amazing is the advocacy behind the lecturers—to lift up the country by educating every Filipino in their finances. I used to feel that money is something that should not be discussed. I feel that as Filipinos, we were raised to depend on God’s provisions but in hindsight, we would never truly become what God destined us to be if we do not plan on meeting our basic needs, and that of our family. And this all starts with understanding how money works and making a plan to make our money work. I highly recommend this class to everyone. It has helped me embrace my fear of the future by making me more prepared today.

 Banlaygas, Rogelyn S.                    

   Owner, Fabtool Metal Fabrication 
   58th  Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate


 Sometime I heard people be like this ” Madali lang naman mag- RFP kayang kaya naman iyan, mas may alam pa yata ako sa     nag-RFP,   based from my experience, kaya ‘di ko na iyan kailangan.” One thing I can say is that, why don’t they try and experience instead of   more talking here and there and showing to others how easy is this coursework. For me, this is a big accomplishment and  believe or not some company now are looking for this kind of added value to your experience.

RFP means COMMITMENT and PRESTIGE  while passionately serving others.

  Cabaldo, Zyra Z.                                   

   Relationship Manager, Unionbank
    58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduates 

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I am so happy to have enrolled in RFP. It made me realize that ignorance of the concepts in personal finance, though unintentional, is dangerous. I find it alarming that only a few are worried about running out of money in retirement, or are willing to take risks when investing, or even set long-term financial goals for themselves. This is because personal finance is not taught in highschool or college. Also, traditional institutions which offer financial advice and wealth management services often have high account maintaining balance, etc. so I’m truly grateful for RFP’s advocacy. I’m so glad RFP has made personal finance education more accessible to the likes of me.

Jamiro, Rachel Rueve T. Barrios – 

Graft Investigator & Prosecutor, Office of the Ombudsman
58th  Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate


RFP changed my financial perspective. It was like attending a financial rehabilitation program, which showcases various concepts

and practical discussions that aim to help individuals who want to become more conscious about spending, saving, and investing


 Santos, Mia Monica M.   

            Training Supervisor, Prulife UK
            58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate


           The first question entered in my mind, what is definition of success?

           To me, it includes being of service to my clients and supporting my love ones. Becoming a successful financial planner requires work –             and it never stops. You constantly need to educate yourself.

f and learn. Above all, sharpen your listening skills. Work hard at          understanding what your clients need and want. Sometimes, they don’t even know, and you have to be able to help them discover it.

        Receiving this prestigious kind of achievement are far more important than any other. You’ll learn the most valuable lessons in this     class.

           I love being a financial planner and if you like helping others significantly enhance their lives, you will too. This is my main reason,     why I chose to be Registered Financial Planner RFP and they serve the best we need.


Ty, Marie Joanne L.          

Health Fitness Instructress, Business Owner
58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate


Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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