Wedding Fairs

“To Attend or Not To Attend?”

Wedding Fairs

To Attend or Not To Attend?


Wedding Fairs

“To Attend or Not To Attend?”


With all those things going on for your wedding, the hectic schedule and the abundance of advice, you might feel exhausted already. Yes, nandoon pa din ang excitement. Pero there are times nararamdaman mo na yung feeling na gusto mo stop muna. O kaya naiisip mo na matapos na lang, sige na. Pressure can be present as you wait for the big day. 

Hey, smile lang it’s normal. Maybe you just need to unwind a little and breathe. But not forgetting your wedding preparations.  A wedding fair is a perfect event for losing up and still attending to your big day needs.

Wedding fairs can help you prepare for your wedding. But the best thing is you’ll do it while having fun. In wedding fairs different suppliers come together to showcase their services and products. 

During these events suppliers present and inform couples of their services. In return, they may gain sales from the attendees. Such events are beneficial for both parties. The couples or soon to be wed individuals gain ideas or find the best suppliers. While the participants get to promote their products/services and even win customers. Wedding fairs also provide discounts, promos, raffles and freebies to attendees.

These are some of the reasons for attending this event:

It’s An Awesome Experience

Attending a wedding fair will allow you to have a different ambience from your regular day.  Everything in a wedding fair speaks of beauty. This is a marketing tool of the suppliers so expect only the finest. When we see beautiful things, napapangiti tayo diba? So, it will definitely add positive vibes to you.

You’ll be treated in the best way possible. Like a very important guest in an event na ikaw ang bida. Because wedding fairs are all about the groom and the bride.


It’s worth your time and achy feet.

Usually, a wedding fair is a 2 – 3 days event. Sometimes it can last for 5 days. Yes, you will do a lot of walking. Baka sumakit din ang mga paa mo! Pero, there will definitely be a lot of stuff to check out and to taste. Try out the cakes and champagnes and even other cocktails. Just don’t drink too much. A little of everything is safe to do. You would not like to miss out on other offers. 

Vendors/ suppliers put their best foot forward during this event.  You’ll have the chance to get freebies such as discount coupons, bridal magazines and other items about weddings. For sure you can get samples of beauty products.


You’ll find a lot of ideas.

Have you chosen your motif? Are you done conceptualizing your wedding day? Kung hindi pa bridal fairs should be included in your to do list. There are an abundance of nice ideas for your event. Kahit hindi major bridal fair ang pupuntahan mo, you can learn a thing or two from your visit.

When we say major bridal fairs, these are events that run for days. Mas maraming suppliers/vendors ang present. They happen in bigger venues. If you had done your research using different sites on the web, still mas maganda na mag – join ka sa bridal fairs. Here you can see genuine samples, straight from people who are experts in weddings. 

See the actual materials and make more appropriate choices. Kung hindi pa kayo nakakapag decide ng concept/theme for your day, dito sa bridal fair you’ll find inspirations.

You‘ll get to know people.

They may be new acquaintances, who are also brides to be like you. They may be some vendors/suppliers who want to impress you. When you go to bridal fairs you may find the missing elements for your wedding. Like a videographer or your suppliers for the flowers or tokens etc. Many also find their wedding coordinator or planner in bridal fairs.  From that they had a head start for the big day.

You’ll be treated like a queen.

Since every participant in fairs is eyeing to get customers, expect that they’ll try to pamper you. They’ll offer you their services and of course with some “bola “on the sides.  You’ll get to try out on a lot of things. It’s among the very few instances that almost everyone wants your attention. Well, you know why.

The Gowns

You’ll have the chance to see or even try some wedding gowns. Selecting your outfit can never be more fun than this. Hindi ka man bibili, you can fit even the most expensive item! Plus, you can get tips from the experts. It can be about what style suits your body type. Kung medyo healthy ka, you may ask kung paano matatago ang mga not so flattering parts ng body mo? You’ll definitely be mesmerized by the gowns. You’ll also have free advice about  hair and makeup.

You’ll go home happy

You will leave the venue with a smile on your face and a bunch of new learnings. You’ll remember them as you return to your tasks. Para kang na re-charged and you’ll have the energy again for the preparations. You’ll view everything again in a much brighter perspective.

Nandoon naman yun excitement, nandoon naman young positivity and good vibes. After all, it‘s your upcoming wedding. Minsan lang kailangan ng help. Admit it, though your future hubby is supportive. Still, there’s a tendency talaga na mas hands on ang bride.

When you attend such events, you become more ready. You’ll become more prepared on how you should adjust to meet the demands of your wedding day. As a result, you can manage it better and feel even happier. Perhaps, more than you can imagine!

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