The Primary Purpose of my COVID-19 Diaries

As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes the world, we are all alarmed by its ongoing threats to our health, our family, our jobs, and our country’s economy. Overall, the whole world changed as it propagates its way across many countries. Amidst the COVID-19 situation, one might ask, “Why am I writing these COVID-19 diaries?”

The Strength of Writing Diaries

Writing diaries has always been my long-life passion. Like how the famous Anne Frank’s diary rose, I expressed all the reflections, emotions, and perspectives as we undergo the plight of the COVID-19 crisis. The threat of coronavirus has made many people helpless and fearful about the situation. However, I will not allow myself to stand behind the forefront of this battle where our noble frontliners stand. I will fight the COVID-19 disease with a pen and paper as my weapon.

A Brand New Purpose

As the chaos of COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, I woke up to a day with a new sense of purpose. Upon receiving this call, I continue my perpetual advocacy for OFWs in Kuwait, which has always been my foundation. On a daily basis, I want to help the Filipino community to be the best that they can be. Even with my busy schedule, I always find a time to be of service to them.

From these diaries, I would like to enlighten my kababayans about how the country of Kuwait is handling the COVID-19 situation. It includes every decision and measurement implemented by the nation in fighting the pandemic until the very end. I have always admired and respected the Kuwait government on how they implement measures to tackle a particular crisis or problem. Every decision they take came from careful planning within the authorities.

Sacrifices are made from our Filipino frontliners as they work devotedly for the community. From that, I want to commemorate their efforts and brave stories as they take their stand in their valiant duty. They played a significant role in fighting the pandemic.

I give my heart in writing these diaries with my feelings and reflections scripted to it. Through my written diaries, I can help the OFWs in Kuwait and their families as they stay updated about all the events in Kuwait and the Philippines. 

A Strong Faith to God

 In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, I firmly believed God gave me this new call for a purpose. The pandemic has strengthened my faith in God during these times of trial. The COVID-19 pandemic happened for a reason. From that, I say my prayers every night for eternal healing and recovery for the world. Each prayer always makes a difference for everyone.

 In this quarantine period, we protect ourselves from the virus, lurking outdoors and waiting for its next victim. As we stay in our homes, let us continue to pray and strengthen our faith that someday everything will get better. We can get back to our normal lives soon. 

Like how a cloud passes through the beautiful blue skies, we will also be able to get through this crisis. In God’s perfect time, we can defeat the COVID-19 virus.

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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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