Humanitarian Response of the Coalition of Filipino Community Organizations in Kuwait (FILCOM)

In this pandemic, our fellow Filipinos struggled much to make a living out of the “No Work, No Pay” situation within the country. Especially in the isolated areas, the implemented lockdown measures took out the primary source of financial income of our Kabayans in Kuwait. However, particular individuals and organizations have been the greatest hope of the country’s challenging endeavors. One of these charitable organizations is the Coalition of Filipino Community (FILCOM) Organization in Kuwait. They have a goal to unite all the Filipinos and provide a reliable and hospitable community for them while working in the country.

 Initially, the organization is composed of different Filipino societies and organizations. Within these groups, every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFWs) can choose which organization calls his or her interest. Here are the following Board of Directors and the organizations that they are a part of.

  • Oliver Diong – President of Club Ilonggo in Kuwait (CIK)
  • Hengie Taton – Founder of Pinoy Nurses in Kuwait (PNA-K)
  • Mariam Al Zankawi – Founder of Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK)
  • Christopher Hernandez – President of True & Reformed Overseas Pilipino Association (TROPA)
  • Germalyn Simple – President of OFW Movement for Peace and Justice and Progress (FPJPI) Kuwait Chapter
  • Francisco, Jaranilla – Founder of FTS Production / Chairman of GETCI
  • Edison Abajero – Global Ilocano/ CIASI Fraternity
  • Maripol Abdallah – President of Philippine Client Relation Officers (FILCRO)
  • Ana Del Mundo – Founder and Chairwoman of Infinity Talents
  • Norma Duquette – President of Philippine Society of Marketing Specialist in Kuwait (PHILSOK-MSK)
  • Mariam Macapudi – President of Filipino Association of Secretaries of Employment Agencies in Kuwait (FIL-ASEAK)
  • Lowella Mojal – Founder of Tactful Idealistic Guardians for Exemplary Reforms Fraternal Brother International, Inc. (TIGER FBII)
  • Honesto Doctolero Jr. – Founder of Teachers – Specialists Organization in Kuwait (TSOK)
  • Nelson Totanes – President of Philippine Body Builders and Fitness Association in Kuwait (PBBAK)
  • Froilan Cataquis – Chairman / Founder of (MAAGAP)

The FILCOM in Kuwait sympathized with the individual struggles of our fellow kabayans. It is very tough for us as the COVID-19 pandemic claimed and suspended our work. The families of our OFWs back in the Philippines relies on the working jobs of their family members here in Kuwait. Because of the lockdown measures, sending money for their financial expenses becomes a struggle.

Therefore, the Filipino Community provided food assistance to our fellow kabayans in the country. The community members sent food packages filled with fruits, a pack of rice, a tray of egg, water, and other essential items for everyday use. Here are the photos of the organization’s inspiring acts of charity and generosity towards our Filipino workers.

Preparation of Food Packages

Distribution of Food Packages

The FILCOM in Kuwait responded quickly as a part of their humanitarian efforts amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Their unceasing direct food and nutrition support will boost the hope and confidence of our OFWs in the country as they continue their lives in this health crisis. Their huge heart and steadfast dedication in assisting the OFWs have been their life-long foundation of establishing the organization.


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