Things to Do in Booking your Curfew Permit

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In the implementation of lockdown in the country, the Kuwait government decided to utilize curfew permits for the community. It aims to allow the citizens and residents to go to their respective destinations with a valid purpose.

The security forces assigned in all checkpoints strictly check these permits to prevent unauthorized individuals from wandering outside. It is all for the purpose of curbing the spread of coronavirus disease in the country.

One can book their curfew permits through this given link. https://curfew.paci.gov.kw/request/create.

In the given form, the applicants are required to fill it with the necessary information for the verification of its validity.

Request Exit During the Ban

The authorities also prepared an official application for the issuance of curfew permits for android and apple phone users. It aims to give convenience for the phone users in applying for their permits.

Through this, I hope that the applicants can successfully apply their Curfew Permits for their respective reasons. Stay Home and Stay Safe!


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Things to Do in Booking your Curfew Permit


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