2021: 5 Life Lessons We Can Get From Hidilyn Diaz

2021 5 Life Lessons We Can Get From Hidlyn Diaz
2021 5 Life Lessons We Can Get From Hidilyn Diaz
Photo Credit Rio Olympics Weightlifting Women – photo courtesy philstar.com
“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”
Matthew 19:26


Someone out there needs to read this…


Maybe you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life.
Perhaps things haven’t worked out the way you’d wished for,
and everything got turned down a time or two.

You see other people and they seem so happy in their achievements,

and you think, “Why can’t I have all that, too?”

Just Breathe.


For just a moment, step outside your comfort zone and realize there’s always more to everyone’s story- most of which we never know.


2008 Olympic Game – Beijing, China
Hidlyn got 2nd to the last among 12 weightlifters


2012 Olympic Games – London, United Kingdom 
HIdlyn ended up with an official result of “DNF – did not finish”


2016 Olympic Games – Rio De Janiero, Brazil 
HIdlyn won the Silver medal


2020 Olympic Games – Tokyo, Japan 
HIdlyn won the GOLD MEDAL


Triumphant weightlifter, Hidilyn Diaz’s story taught us 5 Life Lessons to remember. 

After making Olympic history as the first Filipino to win a gold medal, Hidlyn is now considered one of our national treasures.


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you may have.
Neither of us is perfect, but we can be perfectly imperfect people.
You don’t have to be afraid. Fear not.
Because God will never leave us.
And He will lift you up”.


It was a privilege for me to meet Hidilyn Diaz in one of the biggest event in Manila  at the BGC.   that was remarkable for me.

I learned so much from her life journey.

We are all worthy and capable of everything we seek in this world, regardless of what other people are telling us. If we can detach ourselves from what we think we are don’t have, then you’ll see how much we truly already have. Our blessed talents.


If we can unlink ourselves from our own negativity we’ll start to see the real self. You’ll begin to see the person who did all their best to go after their dreams, fighting negativities, and bridging the gap between being themselves and believing in themselves only.


We are worthy and capable of everything we see in our life and the only person we need to convince of that truth is only YOU.

Believe in yourself and allow yourself to receive.


Do not wonder if you are ready or not, but realize that this is simply to permit yourself to begin ← now.


1. Family is happiness.

When you have a supportive family you’re happy.
You are constantly doing things for your family.

Do what you love while being with family.


2. Take time to yourself.

When you take time to yourself and your soul, you open up doors. And you will truly shine from within. Other’s believing learning ends with school, and that is not true. We should continue to learn and grow through this life. In all aspects — Digging for more knowledge and never afraid to learn from other people.


3. Drop all the negativity.

You know your capability. Let go of negative thinking and this overthinking. Let go of anything that hinders your goals. As you get mature, the more you need positive and supportive people only. We’ve heard many times, we should only pick and choose battles, one of the great pieces of life advice we always heard. In this life, yes, we have much energy and time to give but we should use it in simple and worth it issues.


4.Dreaming is not a race.

Dreaming It’s not a race though, and we all live by our own timeline. We should plan our own. Don’t fall victim to any rush. Consistency is the key.

Everyone has unforgettable life experiences, but if some of these are bad and outweighing the good ones, never force yourself to straighten the path by yourself. Let go and Let God.


5. Goals are gold.

Focus on your goals. Focus on your faith. It’s okay to have high expectations for yourself. Focus on what’s important. Dedicate your time.

Remember that you are never too old to begin and believe in miracles.


This won’t be easy, not fast, but with faith in God and love in our hearts,
We can take this journey successfully.
One step at a time.


In this journey, sometimes, you will lose your way But face it with your head up high together.


You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you may have.

Neither of us is perfect, but we can be perfectly imperfect people.

You don’t have to be afraid. Fear not.
Because God will never leave us.
And He will lift you up.




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