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A Guide to DSWD Financial Assistance


This article will discuss how to begin saving for your child’s college expenses and when you should start. We’ll cover everything from your available alternatives for college savings to enlisting tips because investing in your child’s education is a significant step in making plans for your financial future.

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Article 12-diarynigracia



You know that paying for college can be challenging, so we wrote an article outlining the various college savings strategies. Free education and financial aid were specially created to assist with covering college-related costs. It’s a well-liked investment choice for families who want to put money aside for college but may not have enough to cover all the costs. They may have greater chances and financial stability when paying for education.



What is DSWD Educational Assistance

The DSWD Educational Assistance Program provides financial aid to eligible individuals for their education. They clarified in March of 2018 that they are not providing a scholarship but somewhat educational support for deserving needy students.


Who is Qualified for this Program?

Who may apply for the DSWD program of financial aid for education? The declaration from DSWD Sec. According to Erwin Tulfo, the following individuals are eligible to use the DSWD educational support program:


âś…employed student

âś…Neither a family nor a living relationship

âś…Children of single parents

âś…has parents who are not employed

âś…Children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

âś…Children of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

âś…Children of people living with HIV

âś…Domestic abuse victim

âś…Natural disaster victim


A family can apply and register for the DSWD educational aid program if it has three or more children. Of course, it wouldn’t seem appropriate to inform the DSWD of their circumstance—they would need to provide documentation for the agency to approve and authenticate their application.


Who are the eligible students?

As stated in the statement, candidates for the DSWD educational support program may be elementary- or middle-school-age children, high school students, or students enrolled in a vocational or college program.


Benefits of DSWD Educational Assistance

For the benefit of all parents and students wondering how much they will receive, elementary students will receive P1,000; high school students will receive P2,000; senior high school students will receive P3,000; and last but certainly not least, vocational/college level students will receive P4,000.


How Do I Apply?

The DSWD Educational Assistance Program: How Do I Apply?

According to the Section, those who want to use the aid can choose between two options. Mr. Erwin Tulfo

  1. Walk-In

Visit the field offices or the DSWD Central Office.

  1. Email

Requests should be sent to [email protected].

Wait for a confirmation email from the DSWD, including the time and location of the help and the paperwork you need to bring.

The required supporting documentation is listed below:

Proof of Enrollment

âś…Letter of authorization (if the applicant is not available)

âś…Valid ID of parent/guardian as well as students who are in college or taking vocational courses


What do you think of the DSWD’s program for educational assistance? Do you believe that these students will benefit from this? Do you think providing them with academic support will significantly improve their chances of learning even if they cannot?


DSWD does not have any scholarship program for needy students, IS THAT TRUE?

The DSWD claims that there are no scholarship programs available, only financial aid for students who are in need. The DSWD stated that it does not currently have a scholarship program in an email sent out on Sunday, August 14. Erwin Tulfo, secretary of the DSWD, said in a video he broadcast last Saturday, August 13, that the amount of financial aid may differ based on the applicant’s student.

Students in elementary school are eligible for P1,000, while those in high school are eligible for P2,000.


Senior high school students are eligible for a P3,000 grant, while college and vocational students are eligible for P4,000 assistance.


What Options Are There for College Savings?

You must know your college savings alternatives before you can begin saving for your child’s future education.


What Is the Ideal Moment to Begin Saving?

If you have a young child or are expecting, you may be asking how early you should begin saving money, especially given the expense of raising children. So, when should parents start setting aside money for college?

The more you can potentially save for a child’s higher education, the earlier you learn how to build a college fund and begin saving for college. Particularly if you’re utilizing an investing account, this is true.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone’s financial situation differs, and not everyone can invest immediately. And you might even seek out expert assistance. Even if you can only save a small sum, starting early can give you time to prepare and add up over time. You might also make modest payments initially, then raise them as your income rises.

You can find a lot of information about how to save for a child’s college education online, and you can even seek professional assistance.


4 College Savings Tips for Parents

Putting money down for your child’s college fees can seem overwhelming, but starting small will help you reach your objective.

You can start saving for your child’s college expenses by following these five pieces of advice:


  • Get going as soon as possible because your investment will have more time to develop the sooner you start.
  • Don’t invest more than you can afford; only invest what you can. This can place you in a precarious financial situation that might affect the rest of your life.
  • Use windfalls: One choice is to increase your child’s college savings by using bonuses, tax returns, and other substantial quantities of money.
  • Get assistance from family members: To ensure that you are investing as much as possible, if you cannot meet your contribution limit, think about asking family members for assistance as a birthday present for your child.


Starting an investment account to assist your child save for college can be one approach to reducing the financial barrier to higher education because managing money when you’re young and paying for college is not easy.


Are you a student passionate about finishing school but, sadly, your family comes from a low-income background?

Good news!

Families and individuals unable to afford tuition can apply for academic help through the Department of Social Welfare and Development.



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