Specifications and protocols for the registration process The Philippine Embassy in Ku" />

International voter registration at the Filipino Embassy in Kuwait

voter registration at the Filipino Embassy in Kuwait

Specifications and protocols for the registration process

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait desires to advise the Filipino Community that registration for overseas voting has already begun in Kuwait. Registration will be open from 9 December 2022 through 30 September 2024. Please visit this page for more details and specifications. In addition, you may fill out


The application form at this link :



What is needed for registration?

Applications for Registration/Certification, Transfer of Registration Records, Change of Name due to Marriage or court order/correction of entries in the Voter’s Registration Record, Reactivation, and Change of Address may be submitted between December 9, 2022 and September 30, 2024, according to the local time of the host country. The period during which applications may be submitted is known as the Period of Filing of Applications.


Who is eligible to register?

All citizens of the Philippines who are currently living outside of the country or who will be living outside of the country during the thirty (30) day voting period, are at least eighteen (18) years old on the day of the elections, and are not disqualified in any other way by law are eligible to register.


Who is not required to register

 Anyone who meet any of the following criteria will be unable to register:


  1. Individuals who, in line with the laws of the Philippines, have been stripped of their citizenship as a Filipino;
  2. Those who have publicly renounced their Filipino citizenship or who have sworn loyalty to another nation, with the exception of dual citizens as defined by Republic Act No. 9225, also known as “The Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003”;
  3. Those who have committed and are convicted in a final judgment by a court or tribunal of an offense punishable by imprisonment of at least one (1) year, such disability not having been removed by plenary pardon or amnesty; Provided, however, That any person disqualified to register under this subsection shall automatically acquire the right to vote upon the expiration of five (5) years after serving their sentence;
  4. Any citizen of the Philippines who is currently residing outside of the Philippines and has been previously declared insane or incompetent by competent authority in the Philippines or abroad, as verified by the Philippine embassies, consulates, or Foreign Service establishments concerned, unless such competent authority subsequently certifies that such person is no longer insane or incompetent.



Where to File the Application

Applications can be filed at any Embassy, Consulate General, MECO and POLO abroad or at designated registration centers outside the Embassy and Consulate General or in the designated registration centers in the Philippines as approved by the Commission. Applications can also be filed in the Philippines at designated registration centers outside the Embassy and Consulate General. Your documents may be submitted for processing at the Filipino Embassy in Kuwait, which is located at Villa 15, Mosque Al-Aqsa Street, Block 1, Salwa Area, Kuwait.


To comply with the requirements for applying, every applicant must complete OVF No. 1 and hand in the following materials:


  1. A legitimate Filipino passport (bring also one (1) photocopy of the data page of the passport); 2. A legal driver’s license from the Philippines; 3.

In addition to “1” and “2” above, you are required to present.

  1. If you are a seafarer, a photocopy of your seaman’s book or any other document that will verify that you are a seafarer;
  2. If you have dual citizenship, in addition to what is required in “1” and “2,” you are required to present both the original and a photocopy of your dual citizenship certificate.
  3. The applicant must physically present at the Embassy to register, since the Embassy requires the applicant to give their biometric information.




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