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Year 2020: A Gratitude Note

The Covid-19 Guidebook Second Edition has Finally Launched!

The Covid-19 Guidebook First Edition has Finally Launched!

The Covid-19 Guidebook Second Edition Release

The Covid-19 Guidebook First Edition Release

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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

14 thoughts on “Pahina ng Sulating OFW

  1. Avatar
    MEL says:

    First off sis gracie, happy birthday. Next up, congratulations for this wonderful advocacy that your aiming in your blog. I wish you utmost success in bringing forth the joy with your fellow OFW. Btw my mom-in-law stays in Dubai, she's an active leader in some Filipino organizations there and I hope you guys could do some correspondence soon :)Best regards with all your advocacy sis !

  2. Avatar
    sandy says:

    Mabuhay ka Gracia 'coz u\ve been doing GREAT!!! i wish you success, happiness and all da best things in life…HAAAPPY BIRTHDAY anak!!! keep it up, stay cool and be good always..God Bless. ^,^

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