The Amazing Grace of Nokia

I just want to share my profound experiences using my three Nokia cell phones, although they don’t have full features like other high-end phones yet, they have their own  “amazing grace” story.

Yes, they are old style but their use is inevitable. They served as my reliable means of communication, even though there was a competition of models among them, still I loved them all.
It doesn’t matter to me about the prestige and fashion statement of the handset just to impress others. As long as it is a good key information portal that can easily increase productivity and convenience this will satisfy me already, because I know there is never-ending change.

I use my 6300 cellphones and spend my time stuck in Manila while going back and for the traffic jams just listening to harmonious, melodious songs from my playlist.

This cell phone got more of humorous jokes and messages that entertained me while I was still in the Philippines. Here in Kuwait, I miss receiving and forwarding messages because everyone is busy people including me. 

This stores great inspirational pictures of motivational quotes, short videos, and pictures of my family, which I consider my best inspiration.



But, instead of getting a higher-level of phone, I got a lower one which is the 1208. This I considered a compatible hand phone for a traveler like me.
 And the customized phone ring tone I use is the magical one.
So, I bought this one to protect myself from the consequences of theft in using a handphone in public places.
For me, a  hand phone which is extremely good quality can be described as a simple one like me. 
Later on, I used this for my roaming number when I came here in Kuwait and I chose Globe network for such service. The most benefit I got from my roaming number is staying long as it will stay connected with me anytime and anywhere in any part of the world.
My 1208 is not expensive. As long as it connects everyone with my family and friends it’s okay. With all my phone units, you can call or send me a text message any time of the day or night. I want my family to feel that I’m not away, not even that far away.
An OFW cannot survive without any roaming phone it is the only cheapest way to connect us even if we cannot receive a call, still we can be reached through SMS.

It has become a vital element for every person and good there is a cheap alternative to calling and useful for those like us OFW who frequently give short messages, simply keeping in touch and a good way to save money.

This also serves as an alarm at night to remind me that time is up and I need to go to bed because sometimes I exceed more than the given time for my passion, this is why it is always next to my laptop.


The benefits of this cell phone in any emergency situations are undisputed for us who work at school.

I chose to buy this model type here in Kuwait because it is handy and it will be used non-stop during school hours.

I can easily get in touch with school admin coordinators from different branches and the rest of the school staff. And get to know different crucial information about school issues in a span of seconds.
Even though my cell phone cannot receive forwarded emails, still it can receive messages that inform me that their reports were sent through emails.
For immediate announcements of meetings at work, for documents and reports I will be needing or just to inform them that I will be late for a meeting because I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. A really good way out of emergencies.
If school maintenance is having a problem in the middle of nowhere, this cell phone is of great use. It really serves as a navigation on my hands because I never get lost using my cell phone. I never get out of touch with school subordinates. Even though my cell phone is not upgraded and not equipped with new technology still, it gives me details of what I need. During early mornings, I use this as my wake-up call while the middle of the day serves as a reminder.


Through my cell phone, I can share motivational quotes and advice.

All of my cell phones enhanced me and helped my financial status too even for just a small income. I use them all for an Eload Retailing Business here in Kuwait, I served three big mobile companies and the  reward is having  good friends whom I can help in times of need.

This also helped me start a small business in the Philippines.


Yes, my cell phone can be considered my own image, my 6300 has congratulations wallpaper, and my 1208 and 1202 profile display settings is one word,  Believe.  Even my ringing tone is personalized, it’s a magical tone for my reminders and when I need to use loud settings in my profile.  In my own sense, I customize them to my own liking from their ringing tone and their screen. I like it when my gadgets have my personal touch. In my rules, all my cell phones have one beep and level two of volume only. And at night, they are in silent mode away from me.

Having a  cell phone is a necessity these days and it is an inevitable truth for a very basic thing of making a call, for just a touch of your fingertips.

I enjoy watching my schoolmates also known as our school staff, teachers, and office mates while in some corner of school after school hours and in our rest day… each enjoying their roaming cell phones and receiving special messages from their loved ones.

As time passes by, technology is growing and moving faster. The most important and common part of technology in our lives is mobile phone technology. We bring our cell phones with us everywhere we go and use them on a daily basis. It has become part and parcel of our daily life.  As time goes on, mobile technology continues to develop many features but hoping here that everyone is gaining also good things in using their cell phone.

All these cell phones I have, given me different emotions from the past years up to the present… emotions that established and created me.

This is own integral part of my life and so I am thankful.

There are car accidents occurring everywhere due to the lack of attentiveness of drivers using their cell phones because it has been proven to be a big distraction in wide highways here in Kuwait with a speed of 120.

You can click here   for more info Zain Press releases Drive Safe Kuwait
Drivers who use their mobiles whilst driving are the only “health risk” that can be proven, the drivers get distracted and lose control over the vehicle. This is among other top  issues on a lengthy list here in Kuwait. Our school has a program for bus drivers because the safety of young lives is in their hands. And so we are very particular about this kind of issue.


One of the things I enjoy most and will never forget in my life is helping newly hired employees of our school. They all came from the Philippines like myself. I offered help to them if necessary so they can call their loved ones back home. If you are a new OFW here in Kuwait, you cannot easily purchase sim cards, buy some gadgets, or have an internet connection if you still do not have your Civil ID. I have experienced this before being new in a foreign land and so I try to be of help to others in any simple way that I can.

Overall, productivity and convenience benefits are paramount.

This is really a true gift of God for us, originally intended for staying in touch with our good friends and family and be still connected while away from home.

Thank God for this Amazing Grace of gift through Nokia.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

8 thoughts on “The Amazing Grace of Nokia

  1. Avatar
    make money online says:

    As long as my old reliable cellphone is still function perfectly, then there's no need to buy the latest one.
    Though I like most of the latest cellphones that available in the market today, and if I have an extra money then why not get one, however I don't want to use my credit card just to get those expensive gadgets… 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Matsumoto says:

    The simplicity od cellphones! Who said we need smartphones when all we really want is text or call (communicate with loved ones?) great write up!

  3. Avatar
    Rowena Wendy Lei says:

    Wow! Loyal Nokia customer. I think I've owned 3 low end Nokias (3210, 3310, and another one) when texting first came into vogue. After that I became a Sony Ericsson die-hard customer but I've switched to Samsung now. :p

  4. Avatar
    Manong Iskrambol says:

    as for me i just go with the mid part yung sulit sa ginastos mo hahaha and I change my phone pagtalagang sira na hahaha.. I have a samsung android phone na phase out na hahaha.. but I usually root it and upgrade the os and firmware.. gusto ko yung wala katulad.. hahaha pero madami ko nagagawa and nacucustomize ko ayun sa gusto ko hihih wala lang

  5. Avatar
    mightyMAUx says:

    Cellphone is a necessity more than a luxury. As long as we can communicate, that is what matters. Nice blogpost! 😀

  6. Avatar
    k@ye says:

    People nowadays are so into high end phones, kahit hinde na magkanda-ugaga sa pag-ipon para lang sa phone. But really, all phones are the same – for me. heheh! It is used for calling or texting to keep in touch. Though I can't blame others to create phones with versatility…pang entertain na din. 🙂

  7. Avatar
    c5 @ says:

    That's the main point of having a mobile phone: communication. Not games, music, tv or video. Internet connection is also a good thing mobile.

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