Diary ni Gracia is very pleased to announce one  winner of the contest: “Me and My Diary Contest” with a big congratulations to

for submitting the winning entry. Her entry was chosen out of the 13 entries based on our given criteria by our official judges.
To all who submitted their entries, your efforts are acknowledged and thank you for your kind participation. I received numerous remarkable entries. However, it is only one chosen winner. 
Each participant who sent entries will receive a certificate of participation. 
Out of the 24 submissions we received via email, we shortlisted the 13 best entries based on the degree of presentation, content, ideas, and creativity.
The winner will be receiving a congratulatory email from Diary ni Gracia today.
And. . . 
My deepest gratitude to our Heavenly Father for guiding this serendipitous event very well, and also courtesy to our reputable judges coming from different countries and professions who gave valuable time to fairly judge all the entries.
 Also, to all those who gave love and support to Diary ni Gracia,  a warm and kind thanks to all of you. 

God bless us all, Cheers!





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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

11 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Avatar
    MEL says:

    Thanks gracia… and more power to you and your advocacy. Continue inspiring others through your open-book DIARY…(^_^)

  2. Avatar
    charmaigne grace says:

    congrats.. wow..ok lang kasi my lipgloss naman ako..i'm still waiting for your email regading this..

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