An OFW Blogger learns Arabic

Way back then, when I first came to the State of Kuwait as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), the only international language that I knew how to communicate with was English. The multi-cultural school where I was employed then, it was the first venue where I learned to pick up a few important Arabic words and phrases here and there from well-meaning and supportive Kuwaiti women.

Over the years and through the course of being able to meet different people who became part and parcel of my encouragement to spend full time on blogging and other media-related matters, I realized the need to study and learn Arabic.

I enrolled at the Islamic Presentation Committee from  April to June every Friday morning and my Professor Ms. Fatima has been a patient mentor to me and other expatriates. I want to learn Arabic so I could be able to speak with people of all ages whom I may meet during my stay here in Kuwait.

I hope everyone will know that even if it is said that the Arabic language is complex, there is beauty and sophistication to it and a Filipino blogger like myself and many others, can learn it by heart.




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40 thoughts on “An OFW Blogger learns Arabic

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  2. Avatar
    Dust says:

    Have fun learning a new perspective of the world. Language divides people but when learned it unites like an irresistible magnet. 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Jerome Ibuyan says:

    it’s always great to learn something new, especially from other culture. I would like to learn the Korean language. I even bought a dictionary. Just to know some basic terms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy and easier to learn Arabic since you’re in Kuwait. =)

  4. Avatar
    Wanderer Juan says:

    Learning a new language takes practice and determination kudos on learning a new language such as Arabic. Learning the language of where you are is a huge advantage.

  5. Avatar
    jane says:

    it is always great to learn a new language! happy to know that you are too! em starting to learn some malay and chinese too! xx

  6. Avatar
    jsncruz says:

    I spent about half my life in a Muslim country and while the language isn’t Arabic per se, I do agree with you that it’s a beautiful language, steeped in history and culture.

  7. Avatar
    marri says:

    Good for you to learn languages other than English. It will be easier to communicate with Arab people if you master their native tongue.

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      I am thankful that my years here in Kuwait gave me the chance to pick up a few lines here and there but learning about it through a professional is totally different. Thanks.

  8. Avatar
    chrisair says:

    I think this should be a necessary to all that we need to learn some background and basic knowledge in language in the country that we will work with

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Yes, it can be a plus point too, learning the host country’s language. Helps easier interaction with the locals. Thanks.

  9. Avatar
    Gigi Beleno says:

    Goodluck to your language studies. Well, we Filipinos are fast and good learners, I am sure you’ll finish this one with flying colors.

  10. Avatar
    earl pablo says:

    That’s great! Always have the desire to learn new things. Last two years I had a friend who taught me “Maranao” language…Soon I was getting up to search for Arabic lessons but I cut it off since I couldn’t go to their learning center in Cebu for distance issues.

  11. Avatar
    earl pablo says:

    That’s great! Always have the desire to learn new things. Last two years I had a friend who taught me “Maranao” language…Soon I was getting up to search for Arabic lessons.

  12. Avatar
    Franc Ramon says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn a different language, maybe french since it sounds really cool or Mandarin since its becoming an advantage now knowing their language.

  13. Avatar
    OFW says:

    Filipinos are natural linguists. and i think the opportunity to learn the language of your host country is one of the perks of being an OFW. so good for you, congrats on your new skill.

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