InterNations Kuwait Meet Up

The author with some members of InterNations Kuwait.

InterNations is the first international online community for people who live and work overseas. It reaches out to the international community and is represented by more than 300 local communities all over the world. Its membership is strictly invitation-based and one may join the community only after receiving an invitation from a current member. Data security and privacy protection are given top most attention.

InterNations Kuwait Chapter has a similar mission and commitment to its members. It assists and helps expatriates who have just relocated here in Kuwait to adjust to life in a foreign country.

The get-together last August at Rib Eye Restaurant in the Holiday Inn Hotel, Salmiya, was an event wherein there were about 100 participants and 60 of those were from different nationalities. The country atmosphere, wide variety of beverages, and good food added up to the night to foster camaraderie with international friends and intercultural exchanges.

Meetings can be held casually but the outcome of these allows the expatriate community here in Kuwait to keep in touch, offer and receive advice, share thoughts, and even discuss how to help other people from less privileged backgrounds.

As an OFW blogger, I learn so much from InterNations Kuwait.




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