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Year 2020: A Gratitude Note

I write about topics that are often guides for kababayans because there is too much need for it.  But if we don’t talk about these themes that are prevalent in our life as OFW how can we evolve our perspectives and support one another?

The Covid-19 Guidebook Second Edition has Finally Launched!

The launching of your ultimate COVID-19 Guidebook Second Edition is now happening! November 30, 2020 Releasing my first book helped many of our fellow Kabayans during the implemented total lockdown. Under the five-phase plan to normalcy, a second edition of the COVID-19 guide book is now available for our everyday use. Distributed within reach of…

The Covid-19 Guidebook Second Edition Release

Diary ni Gracia continues to guide OFWs and Kababayans in Kuwait in the five-phase path to normalcy. November 30, 2020 The pandemic has reached the whole world and it just got worse but with all the situations that passed, everything can get balanced as normalcy begins. The release of the Covid 19-Guidebook First Edition, which…


NEWBIE IN STOCK MARKET, what to do? Afraid of trying to invest your hard earned money over the stock market? We are so many especially in this season, especially this AuGHOST month and in this very very Bearish market. Even me… I always consider myself every day new in this market as in every day,…

Diary ni Gracia’s Year 2016, in summary

Tagaytay City

  The first half of the year, from January to June has been a series of Filipino Community events participation and attendance to different organizations, whose officers and members held team building activities and noteworthy causes like gift giving and feeding programs to distressed OFWs at Philippine Embassy’s Hateen Shelter. In early July, I came…

37 years and counting

My Heavenly Father, Thank You for all the times I get to spend with family, true friends and great people. Thank You for this glorious opportunity. Sample signature

My Diary Contest 2016 Winner, Ms. Madz de Leon

It is my birthday today and I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in My Diary Contest 2016. You all have interesting submissions, congratulations! Sample signature

My Message of Thanks

  “Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.”                                                                                  …

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